Top 10 Most Popular Indian Youtuber 2017

Who is The Most Popular Youtuber in India?

In these days Youtube becomes one of the most popular and largest social media sites in India.

After coming Reliance Jio in India. the internet users in India is rapid increases and also the youtube users increases.

Who is The No.1 Indian Youtuber? Technical Guruji or BB Ki Vines

Here is The List of Best Once…

In the last one year, due to the increase of youtube user – some of the quality Indian YouTuber is going to the top in very short time.

some of eg. Technical Guruji, Carryminati, BB Ki Vines etc.

Here you can see the list of most popular Indian Youtubers, who have now become a Famous personality in India and become a millionaire only by using youtube as a profession.


Top 10 Best Indian Youtubers

1) BB Ki Vines

“BB Ki Vines” is one of the most popular youtube channels in India ( also global).

The owner of the channels is Bhuvan Bam and he started the channels from 2015.

And now BB Ki Vines is the one the fastest growing Indian youtube channels. he has uploads 18+ comedy video and he himself plays 4-5 character himself and shoots with his Google pixel phone.


2) Technical Guruji

“Technical Guruji” is the one most famous and fastest growing channels in India and now the channels are going to the top and become the no.1 tech channels India.

The youtube channel is owned by Gaurav Chaudhary.he has uploads video about the latest technology, unboxing, Tech News etc and  Technical Guruji has garnered over 2,973,650 subscribers.

3) Sandeep Maheshwari

“Sandeep Maheshwari” is one of the best and most famous motivational speakers in India.

The videos are mainly deal with what maximum people are afraid of like of Public Speaking, Fear of something.Sandeep Maheshwari is now a very well known name among the Motivational Speakers.

4) Nisha Madhulika

“Nisha Madhulika” is the one another best and famous Indian youtube channel.In this channel, she has shared how to cook food in very simple way?,

if you like to be cooking then really its the Indians best-cooking channel for everyone and you can check also her website


 5) CarryMinati

“CarryMinati” is the one another fastest growing youtube channel in India.

It is one of the most popular Indian youtube channel like Technical Guruji,

the CarryMinati youtube channel is owned by Ajay Nagar. he has started the youtube channel from 2015.

Now CarryMinati has garnered over 1,809,111 subscribers.