Top 10 Best Picnic Place in Assam With Photos (Picnic Sports Assam)

Best Picnic Spots in Assam with Photos

Assam is the place of natural beauty because the Assam has including too many mountains, forest, beautiful waterfalls etc(Picnic Place in Assam)

where you can find out the real natural beauty that you have never seen anywhere. really Assam is the mother of nature. if are like to visit Assam here is some amazing places where you must have to visit once in your life.

Which is the Best Picnic Place in Assam?

so, there is also has too many amazing places which are perfect for a memorable picnic. all the Picnic Place in Assam are amazing really.

it is very difficult for us to select the top 10 Picnic Place in Assam.

List of Amazing Picnic Place in Assam

1) Bhelughat

Picnic Place in Assam

Bhelughat is a most beautiful waterfall of Assam and people like to celebrate picnic to the amazing place.

Really the waterfall is amazing and very big. if are like to visit amazing place then must visit the place for once a time. Bhelughat is located in Karbi Anglong.

2) Panimur ( Koka )

Picnic Place in Assam

Panimur is another beautiful waterfall of Assam and it is fully different from Bhelughat and if like the adventure then it is the best place for you.

Panimur is a small village located in Umrangso of Dima Hasao district, Assam

3) Kakochang Waterfall

Picnic Place in Assam

Kakochang waterfall is a beautiful place near the Bhelughat and it also a very big and amazing waterfall and best Picnic Place in Assam

Kakochang Waterfalls is the best and cool place to visit and the place is located nearby Bokakhat (11KM from Bokakhat town) about 60 km from Jorhat and 35 km from Kaziranga.

4) Kangthilangso Waterfall

Picnic Place in Assam

Kangthilangso Waterfall is the one another most beautiful and amazing place in Assam and many of people select the place as the best Picnic Place in Assam

Kangthilangso Waterfall situated in the village named Kanthi in Karbi Anglong district of Assam.

5) Tegheria Falls

Picnic Place in Assam

Tegheria Falls is small beautiful waterfall near Guwahati. if are living near Guwahati then you can easily reach the place and enjoy

you can celebrate picnic with your nearest one in this place because of it also the best Picnic Place in Assam.

6) Akashi Ganga

Picnic Place in Assam

Akashi Ganga is the one of the most popular picnic sport in is known for its scenic beauty.

Akashi Ganga is a gigantic waterfall close to Dabaka Town, on the Dabaka-Dimapur Road in Assam. Located 50 kilometers to the southeast of Nagaon, Akashi Ganga finds mention as a holy place associated with the Shakti cult in the Kalika Puran.

7) Kaziranga National Park

Picnic Place in Assam

Kaziranga National Park is home to the largest number of Indian One Horned Rhinos in the world which attracts tourists from all over the world to get a load of this rare creature for real.

and it is the best place for a picnic with your friends. so, it is a good option for you.

8) Chandubi Lake

Picnic Place in Assam

Chandubi Lake is natural lake located in Kamrup district and at a distance of 64 kilometers from Guwahati. The place is calm and peaceful covered by deep forest, tea garden and small and distinct villages.

The lake is bestowed with scenic natural beauty. Its chief feature is the natural lagoon that has been formed in the lake. The lake offers to its visitors the opportunity to go fishing in the waters of the lake. The administrators of the lake have also provided the tourists with the provisions to go rowing in the calm lake waters. Adding on to the flavor, tourist can also choose to visit the lake during the Chandubi festival in the first week of January. In this festival, many village people perform their traditional or cultural dance forms. Stalls where you can taste their traditional food also.

9) Bogibeel

Bogibeel- Picnic Place in Assam

Bogibeel is also another very popular picnic spot situated near Dibrugarh, on the bank of Brahmaputra.

The place is filled with glittering sand all along. Here the famous Bogibeel bridge of 4.94 kilometers (3.07 mi) long bridge, will become the longest bridge of its kind in India and the longest bridge across the Brahmaputra River.

10) Chapnalla

Chapnalla- Picnic Place in Assam

Chapnalla  Located in Assam’s Nagaon District, Champawati Kunda is a beautiful waterfall. The site has become one of the most sought after picnic spots in the state.

It is adjacent to Kaliabor -a historic town in Assam. The lush greenery and hilly terrain soothe the eyes. There are a few ancient temples that are located near the waterfall. Nature lovers can also explore the Laokhowa Wild Life Sanctuary which is adjacent to the place. The ideal time to visit the location is October to February. Most tourists take taxis and Buses from Nagaon to reach the waterfall.

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