Money Saving Tips For College Students and Get Rich

Best Money Saving Tips and Ways

Every college or school student wants to earn money and save, but they don’t know the ways, How to do it?

Many of college student is get their pocket money from parent and finally, they lose their all money and nothing is going to save.

if you are not getting any money from your family, then don’t worry. you can earn some of the money from many of ways and then you can save it.


Earn Money Tips for College Students

you can earn money doing some work like :

  •  you can start a small tuition center- which gives you the very good amount of money and lots of people are doing this.
  •  you can be doing parttime jobs in shops or any other.
  •  also, sell your last class books, old notes etc
  •  Earn money from the online platform like- youtube, blogging, app developing etc.
  •  Some of organizations or website are provided you the data entry jobs.

Money Saving Tips of 2017 for Everyone

I have already told some of best way to earn money and all the tips are 100% working. Now I go to tell you the amazing and best ways to Money Saving Tips. which is working for everyone, not only for the college student or school student.

if you are doing jobs or business and try to save your money, then read the full article and I will help you to save your money and all the tips are real and working.


List of Top 5 Money Saving Tips


1) Investment plans

Investment plans are one of the best ways to save your money securely in banks with lots of profit.

you can start investment plans from Rs.1000. HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, LIC India etc banks are provided you the best investment plan. in this plans your money becomes 3 to 4 times double in 5 to 15 years.

2) Mutual Funds Investment

Mutual funds investment is the no.1 and best investment plan in India and this is my favorite investment plan.

I have taking this plan in seconds position of the list because the mutual fund’s investment plans are risky and you can also lose your principal amount.

this plane also gives you the best return which is minimum 15% to 23%. and the return amount depends on your duration of the investment.

3) Insurance Policy

Every people have known this plan but all are not doing or take the plans because it is very long duration plane.

but I recommended you that it is the best place where your money is fully secured and safe also with yours. you have to be a minimum one life insurance policy and LIC India is the worlds largest insurance and policy bank and also most popular.

the policy starts from very low amount like Rs.10 per day. and here you get a good return after a long time.

4) Fixed Deposit ( FD)

Fixed Deposit is the another safest ways to save your money in banks and all the banks SBI, HDFC etc are provided this opportunity.

In this plan, you can be fixed any amount of money starts from Rs.1000 and the rate of percentage is fixed is near 6.5% to 8% in all banks.

5) Recurring Deposit

Recurring Deposit is also a good plan for everyone and which like Fixed Deposit plans but here you have to pay the amount monthly.

The Recurring Deposit plan starts from Rs.100 and anyone can be doing this plan. which gives you the rate of percentage near 5.5% to 7% in all banks and all the banks are providing you this opportunity.

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