How to Download Aadhar Card Without Mobile Number

Download Aadhar Card Without Mobile Number

In India Aadhar Card is main and most important Identity of Every Indian. so, you must have Aadhar. all the documents, bank, Business, telecom service required the Aadhar card as the main Identity document. In this article, we talk about the topic “How to Download Aadhar Card Without Mobile Number

You must know how much need has been made today by Aadhaar Card. Without it, they can not take advantage of any government schemes. Whether the ration card or the PAN card, the bank account or the gas connection card, the Aadhaar number is all in place. It is very important for us to have an Adadhaar card. If it is lost, you can easily download online.

But if the Aadhaar card is lost and we do not have a registered mobile number? What to do?

In this article, we are going to share the Best ways to How to Download Aadhar Card Without Mobile Number? you can download your Aadhar from online using your android.

How to Download Aadhar Card Without Mobile Number?

How to Download Aadhar Card Without Mobile Number

There are mainly two ways to Download your Aadhar Card from online

1) By using your Aadhar Card Number + Registered Mobile Number

2) By using your Enrolment number

If you want to download your Aadhar card via your Aadhar card number then. you must have a Registered Mobile Number. to download Aadhar Card Without Mobile Number we have to follow the second step.

First, you have to open in Browser then, go to the official website of UIDAI and click on the Download page of the website.

Now an Application form is open. you have to fill the form properly. follow the steps  below to submit the form properly:

  • Step 1: Enter your Enrolment number and Date time
  • Step 2: Enter your full name
  • Step 3: Enter your Pin code
  • Step 4: Enter above image text
  • Step 5: Enter Any mobile number you have
  • Step 6: After filling all the information click on the Botton “Get One Time Password”
  • Step 7: Now you have received a 6 digit one-time password in your mobile, which you have given.
  • Step 8: Enter the One Time Password and click on the Botton “Validate and Download”
  • Step 9: Finally After the verification, the Aadhar card is Automatically Downloaded.
  • Step 10: Aadhar Card is download in Pdf format and when you are trying to open the file. you have to enter your pin code number.

By following this steps you can easily download Your lost Aadhar Card second copy and print the file in hard copy from any computer shop.

It is the easiest way to download Aadhar Card. in this process, you just have to your Enrolment Number and we hope you like the article “How to Download Aadhar Card Without Mobile Number”. if you have a problem regarding the Aadhar card then simply go to the comment section and write your problem. what you are facing. we always try our best to solve the problem.

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