Google Tez Payment App Launched in India and Its Amazing Facts

Google Tez Payment App

Google has finally launched their new digital payments app which works on UPI.

The app is launch on 19 September of 2017 in an event conducted by Caeser Sengupta. our Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley also attended the launch event.

You can download the Tez App is available on Android as well as iOS

and the app is made in India

It is a payment app like PayTM, PhonePe, Mobikwik etc

our Indian Government has already launched the similar payment app like is called BHIM app.

Whats New With Google Tez App?

Google Tez Payment App

The Most Facts of The Tez App


1) It is an NPCL, UPI based app which quick and easy payment transfers system. you can send money through the mobile number and be using the bank account number and IFSC code, it’s easy to send money from anywhere to your bank.

2) The most interesting thing is that the app supports many Indian local languages like Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, and anyone can use the app very easily.

3) You can download the app for your android and ios phone. In the first, you have to enter your mobile number link with your bank account number and you can also start it by your google account and need to set a security PIN.

4) You can secure your Tez app by using your mobile fingerprint sensor or by setting a PIN. you can also you the same password for your both mobile and Tez app. but always try to take the different PIN for both.

5) There is a new feature in the Tez app is called Cash Mode in this Google Tez app. you can transfer money without any recipient’s phone number. it is a transmits audio using Google’s QR Technology to identify the recipient’s phone near you.

New Offer By The Google App

The Google Tez app also gives you a new feature which is offering Rs 51 to users if they invite a friend and he/she uses the app.

You can invite and add as many people you want, but the offer is limited to April 1, 2018, and Rs 9,000 in one year. Also, for the first week, every payment made above Rs 50 will give you a scratch card and you may win a lucky draw of Rs 1 lakh.